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French TeachingFrench teachers have access to all kinds of French Teaching jobs. They can teach any age, from nursery to postgraduate and every shade in between. They can teach in an educational establishment, run children’s clubs or provide private lessons. They can teach non-French speakers and they can teach within or outside the French speaking world.

French teachers can therefore be found in Nurseries such as the Montessori network, in after school clubs like Club Frere Jacques. There are French Teachers in private primary schools, also called Preparatory schools, as well as secondary schools and colleges. They teach in Universities and in Adult Learning environments. French Teachers provide tutoring on a private level or in industry. They can specialise in poetry or literature or they can target the scientific or business communities.

In most cases, a French teacher needs a minimum of two qualifications, a French degree and a teaching qualification. Obviously the higher the level you are teaching, the more advanced your own qualifications need to be. French teachers have jobs in nurseries all the way through to high schools as well colleges and universities. They can be full time, part time or freelance. They can be combined with other disciplines and involve varying levels of administrative responsibilities, depending on the size of the department and your position within it.

If you are outside the French speaking world and want to teach French in a school setting, look for a Lycee, a private primary school, an International school (usually private) or a university. Many will specialise in languages or have language departments. You will need to research the different types of schools and match your skills to their requirements. You may wish to register on an online jobsearch site, there are many worldwide that target teachers specifically.

You may be more interested in providing private lessons and are willing to design your own curriculum to match the needs of your student. There are two sets of people you can reach to offer your services. One is the Students of French as a Foreign Language and the other is the Expatriate communities.

If it is the Expats you are after, then find any one of the multitudes of services catering to that communities. This could be schools, bookshops, restaurants, cafes or clubs and associations.
To offer your services to the local population of the country you are in, your best bet is to approach the local adult community schools and colleges. You will want to have a curriculum ready to show at interview so make sure you are prepared.

Do not forget the French Teacher’s greatest friend when seeking a job: networking. Let people know what you do whether in person or online. Find a community or several communities to participate in and you will be surprised at how opportunities come your way.